Juniors are all archers who are under 20 years of age on 31 December of each year.

It is a great starting place for new archers as we shoot from shorter distances and have monthly “postal shoots” which are submitted to Archery NZ. The results are published on the NZ Archery website so you can see how you are doing against others in your age group. Postal Shoots are shot at various ranges and are 6 ends of 6 arrows.

JAMA is the Junior division of Archery NZ. They run the monthly postal shoots and an annual outdoor tournament as well as an annual indoor tournament. These tournaments are run under FITA (International Archery Federation) conditions and rules. There is also a Trans Tasman competition and a Junior World Championship, both held every two years.

2016 Age groups are:

KIWI U10 Born 2006 or after
CUB U12 Born 2003, 2004 or 2005
INTERMEDIATE U14 Born 2001 or 2002
CADET U17 Born 1999 or 2000
JUNIOR U20 Born 1996, 1997 or 1998







We currently have at least two junior in each age group, with most in the Cub and Intermediate age groups.

Junior Club Captain is also the junior representative on the club committee.