LOCATION: Shore Archery Club Grounds.

COST: $160.00 for 8 lessons, all equipment is supplied.

“Apologies but due to Covid-19 we are not taking any beginners lessons at this point – However we will reopen the beginners list once the Government advises that the isolation period has ended, but please be aware there will still be a small wait before you are contacted. Many thanks for your understanding”

OPTION 1: Saturday morning group lessons which run through the summer months, October – April. If here is a big demand, there are courses during the winter as well.

OPTION 2: Two lessons a week over 4 weeks which are more flexible and continue throughout the year.
Lessons are held weekdays in the afternoon/evening and Saturday afternoon.

(Apologies due to loss of coaches and the need to keep classes small for safety, the waiting time now runs into months. We appreciate your patience in waiting and you will be contacted once you rise to the top of the waiting list.)

Once you have completed the course, you can then decide if you wish to continue with the sport. If so, you would then need to acquire your own equipment and join the club.

Use the below form to register your interest – please mention which option you prefer.