Working Bee – Saturday 17th November from 12pm

Come and support your club – we have a list of chores to be completed (see below) and hopefully a few more that are not on the asap list.  BBQ to be held after.

1    Recirculating pinex in 2 targets.

2    Repack one target that at present has a rubber target with pinex.

3    Recirculate left hand side of internal shooting wall.

4    Replace “garage” floor with ply – as holes in particle board are a hazard.

5    This is a job that could be done at home – Make more ground quivers. Using rectangular drain pipe etc to make more of these based on present ones.

6    Adjust the present veranda to accommodate a fascia and gutter to connect to present outlet at rear corner of clubroom. Remake present outlet as it may be blocked with stones from path.