ADAA 600 Shoot in North Shore Archery

On April 14th, the ADAA 600 Shoot was held at North Shore Archery ground where archers of all ages from around Auckland were welcomed to participate in a friendly competition.

It was a great day for a shoot. The sun was out, but there were enough clouds to keep the sunshine from blocking our vision. The grass was freshly cut, and the winds were in our favor!

The goal of the shoot was simple: to reach 600 points in their respective targets with 90 arrows. Everyone had a different goal that day:

  • Some to experience what it is like to shoot in a tournament.
  • Some to see how far they have come in their archery journey.
  • And some to see if they can get a pretty ribbon (that’s me).

Whether or not they achieved what they wanted, our North Shore club chefs made sure everyone was treated with sausage sizzles.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the shoot, and a SPECIAL thank you to all the volunteers who helped organize the event.

We hope to see you next time!

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For more information about ADAA 600 rules, you can go to here