Indoor Winter Sessions Kick Off

Last night we kicked off the indoor sessions for winter at Kristin School in Albany and had a good turnout given the weather! The venue is fantastic with plenty of space for 10 targets and a generous area for support crew and spectators.

We did have a few teething problems last night but they will be sorted out now we know where we are and what we need. Thank you to everyone who helped last night and for your patience. Many hands make light work.

There are some people who need special mention and thanks for getting the venue up and running. There is alot that is involved behind the scenes in organising such a venue and these individuals have given up their time so we can all benefit:

Craig – for proposing the venue and arranged the times and day with Kristin. He is also loaning us his shed for us to store our gear in while we use the venue.

Tony (Jake’s Dad) – for constructing additional stands. We now have 10 targets in use.

Dennis, Jason, Eddie and Mick – for getting all the equipment from the clubhouse to Kristin (in the pouring rain).

Please note: For those of you who did not make it last night, you need to use the Albany Highway entrance (Gate 1) and follow the road right to the back of the campus. You veer to your left once you get to the bus park and then turn right after you have passed the playing courts. There is no after-hours access at the Bass Road entrance. This map of the school will help. We are in the Roy Munn Gymnasium.

I would encourage you all come along on a Wednesday evening to check out the facility. If the winter continues as it has begun, you will need to have full wading gear on to shoot at the club grounds. The indoor venue is far more comfortable!