ADAA “600 Round” Shoot on April 14, 2024

The “600 Round” shoot on Sunday April 14, will be hosted on North Shore Archery ground!

The shoot is free to join, is held at 1pm at the club, Shooting will begin no later than 1.30pm,

What is “600 Round”?

The shoot is 90 arrows at 30 metres. All archers begin on a 122cm target face. Once an archer has shot 600 points or greater on that target face, the next shoot they must drop their target face size to 80cm, then 60cm, then 40cm. Archers who proceed beyond this point may opt to shoot a 20cm spot.

Ribbons are free when won by the archer. Ribbons can be only be claimed by any archer who is a member of an ADAA club.

For more information please go to the ADAA website