New “600 Round” shoot for novice to intermediate archers

The Auckland District Archery Association has determined that more shoots should be held on a novice to intermediate level, and have proposed to adopt the “600 Round” for their members. This shoot will be held once a month in an Auckland-based target club (with the exception of October), and is open to all members of any club to participate.

The shoot will be free to join, be held at 1pm at the nominated club, with shooting commencing no later than 1.30pm, and district records will be maintained. Pins will cost to purchase, and can be only be claimed by any archer who is a member of an ADAA club.

The shoot is 90 arrows at 30 metres. All archers begin on a 122cm target face. Once an archer has shot 600 points or greater on that target face, the next shoot they must drop their target face size to 80cm, then 60cm, then 40cm. Archers who proceed beyond this point may opt to shoot a 20cm spot.

There will be a ribbon and pin system available for this. The ADAA badge and ribbon will cost approximately $10, and pins for each colour won will be an additional $5 (costs to be determined by ADAA once the pins have been finalised).

122cm = White pin, 600 points
80cm = Black pin, 600 points
60cm = Blue pin, 600 points
40cm = Red pin, 600 points
20cm = Gold pin, 600 points

Any questions please contact the secretary at

The inaugural shoot is at Mountain Green Archery Club, on 17th January.

February: Saturday 13 February, Shore Archery Club

March: Sunday 20 March, Auckland Archery Club

April: Sunday 17 April, Mercury Bay Archery Club

May: Sunday 15 May, Mountain Green Archery Club

June: Saturday 18 June, Shore Archery Club

July: Sunday 17 July, Auckland Archery Club

August: Sunday 14 August, Mercury Bay Archery Club

September: Sunday 18 September, Mountain Green Archery Club

October: no shoot this month as it is Season Opening Days instead.

November: Sunday 13 November, Shore Archery Club

December: Sunday 11 December, Auckland Archery Club