Update from the President of Shore Archery – Xmas edition Dec 2018

The updated shooting programme for Sundays is on our web site, so go on it to find out what we have scheduled. It is hoped it gives a bit of variety and new members will join in. The rounds are similar in numbers of arrows at a variety of distances with start distance to suite ability. It is intended that these traditionally are shot as a club so if you want to do something different we will try and accommodate you but would prefer if you came down at another time or day to do your thing.

Hoping to see more of you down over summer in the afternoon/evening.

We have a few tasks left on our list of to do items which were not completed last month so if you are free at any time over the holidays please have a chat with me to do these at a convenient time for you otherwise we will have to call another working bee. Often repeated is the fees you pay are for materials work needs to be distributed amongst the members. Some task will require hiring outside help.

To split up regularly recurring tasks more equitably I suggest the Club Captains tasks be split up amongst us. These are

1   Making sure there are enough score sheets available and putting these on clip boards prior to shoots based on those that have placed their names on the register (hopefully everyone).

2   Making sure we have enough target faces and pins for shoots either club or competitions and the correct faces are on targets and during summer targets are out at appropriate distances for the prescribed shoot.

3   At competitions – we check preparations well in advance including state of targets, etc, and enough available. As we only have a cruder version of light and timing displays arrange for the loan or hire of National or other clubs ones. Volunteers appreciated here.

Thank you everyone and have a Merry Christmas and may all your arrows fly straight (and into the gold)